With a background in the musical arts, Impact Staging & Redesign combines tasteful and appealing decorating elements to enhance the unique qualities of each space. We work one-on-one with our clients to concisely create their desired outcome. Whether it’s staging a home for sale or crafting a fresh new look, we make it happen. Contact us today and see what makes us special!


In today’s fast paced and aggressive real estate market, you need every tool available to market your home effectively. Staging is a major component of this equation. Statistics confirm that staged homes sell up to 73% faster than empty competitors. Impact Staging & Redesign will showcase the positive features of your home and create an inviting space that attracts and inspires potential buyers.


Life never stays the same, and it’s only logical to want change in your home as well. Updating paint colors, de-cluttering, changing patterns, and using existing furniture in new and innovative ways offers renewed energy and function. Impact Staging & Redesign can help you create the style and ambience you crave, as well as restore order and harmony to your home.

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